4 Ways to Kick-start Your Wellness Routine

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You’ve often heard your body is a temple, and you should take good care of it. But what does that mean? Where to start, and how to do it? The journey to your mental wellbeing and emotional wellness starts by taking small changes which eventually lead to bigger impacts on your life.

Don’t worry! OLLY is here to help you kick-start your health and wellness routine with these tips so that your overall wellbeing is at its A game.

Tip #1: Eat healthy

Fuel your body with everything that’s good for you. Try adding fresh fruits, vegetables, protein-rich nuts or seeds, and probiotic foods to your diet. Additionally, when your gut functions properly, it helps your body process and get nutrients from everything you eat, and supports mood balance. OLLY Probiotic contains two unique probiotic strains to keep your digestive tract  healthy and ready to roll. Make this gluten-free gummy pack your gut’s new BFF!

Tip #2: Get a good night’s sleep

When it comes to your wellness, getting good sleep can make all the difference. Many factors can contribute to a disrupted and disturbed sleep pattern like- work stress, external factors, eating patterns and even lack of physical activity. But don’t worry, getting more rest is easy with OLLY. Follow these 7 tips that encourage better sleep and feel the difference.

Tip #3: Practice mindfulness

Spiritual wellness should also be added to your wellness routine list. It’s a good idea to dedicate 15 minutes to meditate every day. Put on some calming music, practice some deep breathing, and relax. You can choose to either start your day with some calming energy or end your day with it and catch some peaceful and well-deserved Zzz. If you are looking for added support as you get into your mindfulness routine, try OLLY Less Stress which has a blend that contains L-theanine, a key ingredient in helping to temporarily promote relaxation.

Tip #4: Stay active

Get moving and stay active to prioritize your mental wellbeing, and to keep your immune system in a good shape. Staying active helps improve focus, elevates mood, and increases focus and productivity. Sweat it out by choosing a workout of your liking- jog, run, yoga or even swim! Try OLLY Active Immunity gummies that support your immune system with a superstar supplement blend of Elderberry, Echinacea, Vitamin C and Zinc, to help keep you at your best.

Tip #5: Meet a friend

After a tiring workday it’s important to set aside some time for your social wellness.  Sometimes stepping out can feel like a task but after a tiring workday it’s important to set aside some time for your social wellness. Step out, set up a lunch or dinner date with a friend, and just have some fun! If you need an extra boost of energy to move about your day, OLLY Daily Energy is the perfect supplement for you. Packed with key nutrients including vitamin B12 and CoQ10 required to support and optimize your body’s natural energy production, it’s what you need to get over those mid-day slumps.