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Can I order products on US website or Canada website unfortunately does not ship orders to Canada. It's something we hope to offer in the future, so stay tuned. We don’t currently offer online ordering on, but under each Product page on Canada’s website, there’s a Buy It Now button which will take you to retailers’ websites to place online orders directly with a retailer of your choice.


Did your OLLY melt?
Unfortunately, gummies melt when exposed to temperatures over 27 degrees Celsius / 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Please store your gummies in a cool place below 27 degrees Celsius / 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you believe your gummies melted at the store you've purchased your gummies at, or during the delivery process, please contact us

Can't open the lid?
Beautiful, high-quality packaging is one of our top priorities so we are sorry to hear that we have let you down. Our Quality Team is currently working on a solution to make the bottles easier to open, while still being child-resistant. The changes are being implemented early next year. For now, make sure that you are pushing down on the lid firmly, and turning counterclockwise. If it still won't budge, reach out to us  so that we can help you further.

Are you experiencing a quality issue?
From time to time, quality issues come up, and we are sorry to hear that one may have affected your experience with OLLY. We want to know about it right away so that we can make it right. Please contact us with the details of the issue, as well as the LOT code, location, date of purchase, and a photo of the issue.

Are you experiencing an adverse reaction to an OLLY product?
Please contact us. Of note, there is no iron in any of our products, the primary concern in cases of vitamin overdose.


Can I take multiple OLLY products in combination with one another?
OLLY is a complete system of products designed for use in combination with one another to help you address your daily needs and achieve your own personal health goals.

People often take a multivitamin, when needed a sleep support product, and other Wellness Boosts based on their needs. Each Wellness Boost is named so that its benefit is clear to the OLLY user - this makes it easy to decide which Wellness Boosts are right for you!

However, we recommend you consult a health care professional to personalize your vitamins and supplements regimen.

What kind of gelatin is used in OLLY products?

Bovine gelatin (beef):

Porcine gelatin (pork):

Is there any wheat or gluten in the products?
We formulate all of our products without wheat or wheat-derivatives. All OLLY products have been tested and are gluten-free. You will find the gluten-free logo on our bottles.

What's natural about OLLY products?
The colours, flavours and sweeteners are all derived from fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Are any artificial colours/dyes used?
NO! We only use natural pigments extracted from fruits, vegetables and herbs to colour our gummies.

What OLLY products are okay to give my kids?
OLLY Kids Multi + Omega-3 is available in Canada. With the exception of this OLLY Kids product, OLLY’s supplements were formulated for adults (18 yrs+). While some products may be safely consumed by children, we are unable to provide product suggestions or guidance on dose and duration of use. Your child’s health care practitioner is the best resource for this type of information.

What products can I take while pregnant or breastfeeding?
We recommend always speaking to your healthcare provider prior to taking any dietary supplements during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Currently, we reccomend the Prenatal Multi.

Do I need a multi?
First off – you need vitamins. The word “vitamin” literally means “vital for life”. Your body cannot make vitamins, so they have to come from your diet. A healthy diet full of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, healthy protein and good fats can provide all the essential nutrients you need, but studies show that only one in ten Americans actually follow this diet. Consequently, most people don’t get all of the vitamins and minerals their bodies need to function properly. So taking multivitamins help ensure your basic needs are met. That’s not all – research shows that supplementation with vitamins and minerals can optimize the function of your body systems, helping you think, feel and perform better and age in a more healthy way. OLLY multis were formulated with both your daily needs and these leaps beyond in mind.

Is the sugar in OLLY gummies counterproductive to health?
We believe the health benefits that go along with enriching the diet in essential nutrients far outweigh the slight disadvantage of delivering them with sugar. Importantly, the amount of sugar in a serving of OLLY gummies (2 to 4 grams) represents a fraction of the average total daily sugar intake by most North Americans (80 grams). It is roughly equivalent to eating about 5-10 raisins or drinking an eighth of a cup of apple juice. The real advantage of gummies is that people actually enjoy taking them – so they do. If supplements do not get eaten because the experience is unpleasant – they cannot be effective. We chose not to use artificial “sugar-free” sweeteners because they have been linked to health issues and we wanted to stick with only natural sweeteners, colours and flavours.

What if my child eats more than the recommended serving size of gummies?
Please contact your child’s physician to discuss your concern. While most vitamins are easily eliminated from the body without causing any side effects, high doses of fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins D and A are stored by the body. FYI – none of our products contain added iron, the primary concern in cases of multivitamin overdose.

How is safety, purity and quality ensured?
We take great pride in delivering supplements that are as safe and effective as they are delightful. We have rigorous standards in place to ensure we work with only the most reputable suppliers and manufacturing partners. All products are made in accordance with the FDA’s good manufacturing practices (GMPs) that require our manufacturers to validate the composition, identity, strength, and purity of all products produced. All products are also compliant to Health Canada regulations.

What does NSF certified mean?
NSF certification means that OLLY's products meet strict and independently verified standards for public health protection. NSF evaluates every aspect of a product's development process from extensive product testing to manufacturing plant inspections before the product earns NSF certification. Once certified, NSF continues to monitor products and manufacturing activities to ensure the certified products continue to meet the same high standards every time they are made. 

Do you have any products that contain iron?
We do not currently offer any iron-containing products. While iron is an important nutrient for health, particularly in women of childbearing age, consumption of excess iron is problematic. In low doses over extended periods of time, it may promote oxidative damage, and in high doses acutely, it can cause serious harm, particularly in children. Hence, supplementation with iron should be reserved for individuals with a known iron deficiency or at high risk for one. Moreover, iron has a very strong taste which can be difficult to mask in a gummy. Given these safety concerns and challenges, we have formulated our gummies without iron.

Are OLLY containers recyclable?
Absolutely! All of our OLLY containers can be recycled.

Are OLLY products NON-GMO?
While OLLY does support the non-GMO movement, our line is presently not non-GMO verified. Sourcing exclusively non-GMO ingredients is challenging in a world of dietary supplements. However, we are exploring having a non-GMO offering in the future that will give users who value non-GMO products a choice within the OLLY lineup. For now, we remain super-focused on our company goals of demystifying the vitamin + supplements aisle, and empowering people to create a healthy daily habit that’s easy to stick to.

Can I take more than the recommended dose?
We do not recommend exceeding the recommended serving size. Each product was formulated by nutritional experts to deliver an effective dose of active ingredients that address daily needs and promote optimum health.

Are the lids of the gummy bottles child resistant?
Yes, however, dietary supplements should always be placed out of reach of children. In case our gummy bottles do find their way into the hands of your little ones, our push-and-turn cap is designed to foil their attempts to open it.

How should I store my OLLYs?
It is best to store your OLLY supplements in a cool, dry place at room temperature. It is also important to keep them away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat as gummies and softgels will melt upon exposure to temperatures above 27 degrees C or 80 degrees F.

How long are OLLY products good for?
OLLY products expire 18 months from the date at which they were manufactured. Vitamins and minerals naturally break down over time. Therefore, while the products are still active and safe to take, we do not guarantee their potency.

Why is there some color variation in my gummies?
Because we use only natural colours derived from fruits, vegetables and herbs which can themselves vary, it is possible to see slight variations in the colour of our gummies. Natural colours can also darken over time. Importantly, these changes and variations do not affect the taste or quality of the finished product.

Does it matter when I take my OLLYs?
You can take OLLY supplements any time of day. While it is not necessary to take them with a meal, many nutrients are best absorbed and utilized when they are ingested with food. Most nutritional health transformations take place over time, so the most important thing is to remember to take your OLLYs daily! We suggest leaving the bottle in a place that will remind you to take it, like on your desk at work or on your kitchen counter.

Do the fish oil and krill oil containing products contain contaminants like heavy metals?
The fish and krill we use to create our fish oil- and krill oil-containing products are sourced from Alaskan and Antarctic waters respectively which are some of the cleanest oceans on earth. A gentle, low-heat purification process is used to remove any naturally occurring contaminants in the fish oil, and every batch of fish and krill oil is rigorously tested to ensure it meets the highest industry standards for purity and safety including freshness, heavy metals, PCBs, and dioxins.

How are Natural Health Products (NHPs) regulated?
In Canada, NHPs are regulated by the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) under the Natural Health Products Regulations (NHPR), which came into effect in 2004. All NHPs must be approved by Health Canada before they are allowed to be legally sold in Canada. In order to be authorized for a NPN, information supporting the safety and efficacy of a product must first be assessed by Health Canada. Health claims must be supported by valid, high-quality scientific and/or traditional evidence. Safety and efficacy must also be supported with sufficient evidence. This evidence can include: clinical trial data, journal articles, pharmacopoeias and traditional resources. Additionally, the NNHPD requires that all NHP manufacturers follow good manufacturing practices (GMPs) to ensure supplements are produced in a quality manner and are accurately labeled. Health Canada requires companies involved in manufacturing, packaging, labelling and importing activities to hold a valid site license, which is to ensure that the companies involved in these activities are following all the applicable GMP requirements as stipulated in Natural Health Product Regulations. In addition, Health Canada regulatory officials, on risk-based approach, inspect facilities to ensure safety and quality of the products.

Are OLLY products vegetarian?
Most of our OLLY products are made with pork gelatin. Gelatin is a more versatile gelling agent than pectin. With the complicated blends of active ingredients that we create at OLLY, gelatin offers an excellent texture for our gummy products. If you are a vegetarian/vegan, these products won’t be suitable for you unfortunately. Currently, no vegetarian-friendly products are being offered in Canada.

What should I take for my XYZ? (health condition)
Thank you for contacting us about your interest in taking OLLY.  As a reminder, our products are dietary supplements and, as such, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We are also unable to provide information about individual health conditions. We designed our line to function as complementary system of products that allows individuals to easily select the product or combination of products that best supports their lifestyle and health goals. Since nearly everyone can benefit from a multivitamin, we recommend selecting the OLLY Multi designed for your gender or life stage (Women’s, Men’s, Prenatal, Kids etc) to build and maintain a solid nutritional foundation. We further encourage pairing our Multis with our nutritional Boosts, expertly blended combinations of nutrients designed to target specific health concerns. We have given all our Boosts names that clearly indicate the health benefit they provide (Probiotics, Beauty, Sleep, etc) so you can select the product or combination of products that best addresses your individual needs.

Can I take OLLY products in combination with my prescription medication(s)?
Your pharmacist or prescribing physician is the best person to provide information on potential interactions between dietary supplements and medications.  Please contact him or her to discuss the use of OLLY products in combination with your medication.

Where on the OLLY website can I find information about the nutritional/vitamin content of each product?
Each product page on the OLLY website has images of all 4 sides of the OLLY bottle. You will find the medicinal ingredients in each formula among these images.

Can I take a multivitamin that is not labeled as my gender?
OLLY Multis were formulated with the general nutritional needs of men, women, women who are pregnant and nursing, and kids in mind.  However, if the profile of nutrients in any of these formulas is better suited to your own individual needs or flavour preferences, there is no reason why you cannot take the product you feel is best or enjoy the most as there are no contraindications for any of them.  We do, however, recommend that children 18 years or under stick with our Kids Multi unless directed otherwise by their health care providers.

Is the fish oil used in your gummy vitamins filtered?
Yes, the fish oil used in our gummies is purified using processes that include filtration.

Do you offer a product with magnesium?
No we do not. Magnesium is indeed a valuable nutrient for health. However, from a gummy formulation perspective it does present some challenges. It is physically a large nutrient (i.e takes up a lot of space), so including it in our formulas would significantly increase the size of the gummy itself. That said, we continue to explore options for delivering magnesium in future OLLY products.

Is OLLY's gelatin ethically sourced?
OLLY’s gummies are made with gelatin naturally extracted from the skin, bones and connective tissues of either a bovine (cow) or porcine (pig) source.  We work with reputable suppliers to source the highest quality gelatin available, however, we do not currently have Ethically Sourced Certification.

What's the bioavailablity of your products?
There are many factors that influence the bioavailability of OLLYs. Bioavailability is your body's ability to absorb and utilize vitamins and minerals from the digestive tract. These factors include the form of the nutrient itself, the amount consumed and the format in which the nutrients are delivered. We formulate with forms of vitamins and minerals that have been shown to provide health benefits in clinical studies, a testament to their bioavailability.  We also deliver nutrients at dose levels that your body can utilize and avoid combining nutrients together that compete for absorption (i.e. iron and calcium).  Finally, the gummy delivery format facilitates bioavailability since the nutrients are released into your stomach upon chewing and swallowing the gummies.

What's the difference between Men's and Women's Multi?
Our Men's and Women's multis were formulated by nutrition experts to address the different needs of men and women. Our Women's formula is unique relative to the Men's blend in that it has calcium along with boron and more vitamin D to address women's bone health needs. Women's Multi also contains higher amounts of biotin for hair, skin and nail health. The Men's formula has a higher dose of zinc for prostate health plus higher vitamin C and B6 to address higher Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) in men. If the profile of nutrients in either of these formulas is better suited to your own individual needs or flavour preferences, there is no reason why you cannot take the product you feel is best or enjoy the most as there are no contraindications for either of them.

Is there estrogen or ingredients that can cause birth defects in your products?
There is no estrogen in any of our products. However, some botanicals in our products can have very mild effects on estrogen receptors in the body, which contribute to their benefits. If you are being monitored for any health condition, or if you are pregnant or lactating, please consult your physician on your supplement regimen.

Is it ok to take more than the suggested dose of OLLY multivitamins?
While our vitamins contain safe levels of active ingredients well below established upper limits, we would recommend waiting until tomorrow.

Are individuals able to take OLLY gummies with other brands' dietary supplements/natural supplements?
Yes, they can, however we cannot advise about supplements outside our brand. They should consult their physician.


Where is OLLY located?
OLLY’s headquarters are in Jackson Square in gorgeous San Francisco, California, USA.

Is this a privately held company?
OLLY is a subsidiary of Unilever PLC.

Where are OLLY products made?
We partner with a few select international manufacturing facilities to create our gummies. All products are packaged and rigorously tested for quality by third party laboratories to ensure Canadian standards are met or exceeded.

What is the return policy?
We love the products we’ve made, and we think you will too. If, after trying them, you find that you’re unhappy for any reason, please contact us.

Does OLLY test products on animals?
OLLY is committed to a no animal testing policy. We do not test any products on animals during any part of the product development process.

Do you have a wholesale program?
We can provide a list of distributors if you are interested in carrying OLLY products. Please contact us for further information.

Is the information I provide OLLY confidential?
Yes, absolutely. We do not share any customer information and we do not sell our email list.

Do you sell or trade email lists and names?
Never. When you sign up to be part of the OLLY community, your information is safe with us.


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