5 Ways to Beat the Bloat

5 Ways to Beat the Bloat

While bloating may be uncomfortable, talking about it doesn’t have to be. We all get bloated. We all get gassy. The most common cause is what we eat, how much we eat, and how fast we eat. Bloating can also be caused by hormonal changes like before and during menstruation.

While bloating usually resolves itself, it’s still no fun. And with many simple and effective ways to reduce bloating, why stay uncomfortable? Let’s dig in (pun-intended) and learn some easy tips to beat the bloat.

1. Change your Eating Routine

Bloating usually comes directly after eating a big meal. So, try eating a few smaller meals throughout the day. It’ll help keep your digestive system moving plus you get to try more things. Also eating too quickly is a big cause of bloating. Try eating slower to savour the food more and prevent bloating.

2.  Try a Bloat Reducing Capsule

Sometimes you need a little bit of extra help to get bloating relief. And OLLY’S Beat the Bloat capsules are another  way to help reduce belly bloat caused by gas in the stomach (such as after following a meal containing vegetables, beans and whole grains), and water retention. The combination of digestive enzymes, dandelion, ginger, and fennel work hard to help you feel more like you.

3. Physical Activity

Being active is not only great for your body but it also helps with bloating. Something as simple as taking a walk can help release extra gas in the stomach. Yoga also helps, poses like Child’s Pose can help reduce excess gas, plus it’s a great way to practice mindfulness. Win win!

4. Avoid Bubbly Beverages

While sodas and seltzers may be more appealing than water, they cause gas build up in the stomach, which can lead to a bloated stomach. Drinking flat water will solve these issues plus staying hydrated helps reduce constipation.

5. Take A Bath

A warm bath is a wonderful and soothing way to provide relief. Try mixing in some salts or a bath bomb which can help reduce stress, which can ease the pain in your stomach.

There are many ways to help support digestion and reduce the symptoms of bloating. Don’t forget to check out other products such as Mango Probiotic and Metabolism Gummies.