7 Tips for a Refreshing Night’s Sleep

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If you keep tossing and turning every night and wake up feeling unenergetic and groggy, your bedtime routine is the one to blame. Many factors can contribute to this disruption- work stress, external factors, eating patterns and even lack of physical activity. But don’t worry, refreshing your routine for more rest is easy with OLLY. Try these following tips that encourage better sleep:

Tip #1: Close the curtains to keep the room dark 

Light has the strongest influence on our body clock. It signals our brain that it’s still time to stay alert. A dark room and making sure devices are on ‘Do not Disturb’ mode (and out of reach!) will help you drift off quicker.

Tip #2: Sleep at a standard time

Our circadian rhythm - the body’s 24-hour clock - thrives on a fixed routine! Staying up at odd hours or going to bed at different timings each night confuses our body clock, and it won’t be able to signal sleep when you need it, thus resulting in irregular sleep. If you struggle with falling asleep, try OLLY Sleep gummies that contain melatonin to help support healthy sleeping cycles and increase total sleep time so that you wake up feeling fresh and energized.

Tip #3: Keep your room cool 

For a good night’s sleep, our body temperature needs to drop by 1°C. Our room temperatures should be cool enough (between 16-24°C) for us to lose heat faster, while our blankets should be warm enough to keep us comfortable through the night.

Tip #4: Limit caffeine intake

Caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors in your brain, interrupting your sleep drive. If you’re a frequent coffee drinker, a mild cup of tea before bed probably won’t affect you. However, most of us will experience less sleep struggles if we cut off caffeine 3-7 hours before bedtime. So, it’s a good idea to cut down on caffeine after lunchtime, so that its stimulating effects wear off in time for bed.

Tip #5: Have an early dinner

That late night supper may be spoiling your sleep! This is because nocturnal eating leads the tissues that digest and metabolise food to work hard when they should be resting, hence delaying sleep. More reasons to embrace early dinners and having your last big meal 4 hours before bed. OLLY Energy supports healthy metabolism and helps to maintain the body's ability to metabolize nutrients.

Tip #6: Work out daily

Exercise is known to help improve sleep quality and can help with better peace of mind for sleep that comes easier. So, get sweaty, even if it’s for 30 minutes to help you feel sleepy!

P.S.: Just make sure not to exercise less an hour before bed. The endorphin rush and higher body temperatures will actually make it harder to sleep.

Tip #7: Pick up a relaxing hobby or meditate at night

Why mellow the mind? An overactive mind can keep us up at night and affect sleep quality. Try some relaxing activities to help you unwind -- be it reading, listening to music, or just playing with your pet. When you’re all tucked in, try meditation or thought-blocking exercises like imagining a relaxing scene. To combat the effects of stress, try OLLY Less Stress gummies that contain GABA, a key ingredient that helps to temporarily promote relaxation (relaxed state of mind when the brain is in an idle state without concentrating on anything).