OLLY Little Gummies, Big Benefits

With the launch of our New Modern Woman campaign, our mission it to remove the taboos and shame around women's health and provide women with the supplements they need for self - care everywhere. It’s time to change the conversation around women’s health and OLLY is here to support!

Lovin Libido



Supports a healthy sex drive & sensation. Helps promote healthy testosterone production in males. Also helps support libido and support physical aspects of sexual health in women.

Damiana & Maca

Damiana has been generally used in herbal medicine for its aphrodisiac properties, Maca, a Peruvian root, has been commonly used in traditional medicine to support energy and libido.

Digestive Enzymes

Our powerhouse blend of digestive enzymes, ginger and dandelion supports less bloating and more digestive comfort after eating certain foods, such as beans, vegetable, or whole grains.

Ginger, Dandelion and Fennel

Ginger is one of the most cherished plants in medicine, this fan favourite is known to ease gas and bloating. While Dandelion, is known for its digestion and water retention qualities. Fennel is a perennial herb that’s traditionally used to relieve common digestive complaints.

Beat The Bloat


Happy Hoo Ha


Lactobacilli Probiotics

Happy Hoo-Ha supports a healthy vaginal microbiome with two vag-friendly strains of Lactobacilli, naturally found in the vaginal tract Delivers a clinically-studied dose, 10 Billion CFUs of Lactobacillus spp, the good bacteria that work with your body to help keep your vagina happy and healthy.

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